The digital world does not include everyone.

Modern technology provides global access to knowledge, news, and creativity, so why isn’t technology accessible to those with disabilities? Connection to the digital world should not be conditional. Movement disorders, amputations, low vision, and arthritis do not define us, and they will not limit us.

Connection begins with inclusion.

Sonzia builds accessible touch-screen technology to give you unrestricted access to the digital world. If you or a loved one have an intellectual, learning, or motor disability, you have a right to accessible technology. It’s time you claim that right, and Sonzia is here to help.

Tried and tested in demanding environments

Our first pilot at Heartspring in Kansas was a big success. Not only was our Touch Easel more accessible, it also kept students attention longer, and encouraged collaboration.

"6 out of 7 children would rather use the Touch Easel than any tablet!"

Allyson, Heartspring

"SITE transforms the immediate environment into a calming, sensory-friendly place, where children with autism can take a break and relax."

Oliver Wendt, Purdue